Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The World in Words -- Springtime Walk

I came home today ecstatic that the sun was shining and the temperature was above forty degrees. I determined to take a walk. Gypsy, of course, took one look at the leash and almost wiggled out of her skin in excitement. I haven't taken her on a walk all winter, and though she often plays in our back yard, there is nothing that can replace a good walk, in her eyes. So we set out into our neighborhood together. She trotted next to me faithfully. Clouds of every shape and size floated in the sky against an azure backdrop, and they cast shadows that scuttled ahead of us on the street when the wind threw clouds in front of the sun. I'd left my jacket, and the tips of my fingers and nose grew chilly. Winter is reluctant to release the Earth from its grasp. There is no green yet, just brown. But there is no white, either. The birds still sing, confident of the coming season. They do not worry; why should I?


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Adventures in Authorlyness

So I just finished doing a cursory investigation into self publishing a hardcover children's picture book. All I have to say is... dang. That's a lot of money.

I might need to go into resourcefulness mode and see if I can make a paperback from CreateSpace work somehow. Like I did with Aaron's Quest. The dream of a wonderful picture book flourishing with colorful pictures and sturdy hardcover is beginning to croak.



Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just Write

Well, I'm sick today. I'm sitting here in bed trying to think of something to write, something people will like, but inside me a little rolls its eyes and says, "Just write."

For once I'm being obedient. Just Write the best and most accurate advice that can be given to any writer, at any time. Just write. Stop thinking, stop reasoning, stop wishing, pick up your pen or keyboard, and start writing. It doesn't even matter what you write, just write something. Now, if you're an author, there's probably something you ought to be working on, but I am of the opinion that writing anything is better than writing nothing, whether it's what you're meant to be working on or not.

(On a completely random side note, my dog is chewing on my favorite pink argyle socks. I've trained her to only chew on socks and dog toys, but somehow she managed to find the ONE pair of socks she's not supposed to have and proceed to tear them apart. I mean, they already had holes in the heels, but still. Pink argyle, dog. Just no.)

I have a hard time finishing things. Anything, but especially stories. Making myself sit down and work on a story gets harder and harder the closer I get to the end of the story. I'm still figuring out why that is -- besides the natural weakness of my personality type rearing its ugly head -- but lately I have been telling myself just to write. I mean, I love writing, and I say the word love with the passionate, devoted connotation implied. There are only three things I love more than writing, and those are my family, my man, and my God. So why should I avoid it? With that in mind, I stop thinking about 'finishing', and think only about writing. It makes it so much easier.

It's especially interesting because I'm writing my latest story in an old mead notebook with a cheap black papermate pen. The tactile sensation, as well as the act of carrying around this notebook and pen around wherever I go, is surprisingly satisfying. I used to work solely on Microsoft Word, but I think I'll be writing more short stories in notebooks from now on. Seeing the scribbles and margin notes, the messy handwriting, page upon page of word worn lined paper; it's like art, to me.  I look at it, and think, "I did this." Not in an arrognt way, but in wonder at the endless magic of creativity. Lines and whirls to make words, words to inspire pictures in the imagination of readers, the journey of a story.

And an excuse to buy more notebooks. Mwuaha.

Now it's your turn. Go write.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

The World In Words -- Spring Has Sprung

What a cliche title. I'm an author, that should bother me.

But it doesn't. So ha.

Spring is here! The skies have happiness in them, caught in the sunlight and warmth. The birds are singing constantly. Joyful songs of coming home. The air smells like life and hope and new beginnings.

All the snow has melted, leaving the world brown and damp, save for the evergreens, who weathered the winter without losing their color. Browns and rusty greens still dominate the colors of nature, but you can feel that the flowers are waiting in quivering anticipation for their time to bloom. The buds are bursting with eagerness to open themselves to the sun, and all around, the wind races and whirls to bring the message, "Wake up, wake up! Spring is here!"